General Director

Takeda Seijiro

Brief History

1958: Born in Tokyo, Japan

1979~1985: School of Architecture, Waseda University, Master of Science and Engineering

1985~2009: Architect, Kume Sekkei, Tokyo, JAPAN

2009~2011: Design Director, Kume Design Asia, Hanoi, VIETNAM

2011~2017: General Director, Kume Design Asia, Hanoi, VIETNAM

2017~: Established SHIRAKOBU-TAKEDA Architecture Design in Hanoi, VIETNAM


2009/ Universal Design Award/ Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare/ Toyota Kosei Hospital

2011/ 1st Prize/ Vinpearl Ho Tay Competition

2011/ 1st Prize/ Cong Quynh Plaza Competion

2015/ 1st Prize/ 80 Tran Hung Dao Multi-functional Complex Competion

2015/ National Architecture Award/ Vietnam Institude of Architects/ Ecopark High-rise Apartment “Rung Co”

Personal Thoughts

The cultural difference is not simply understandable.

It’s acknowledgement of its existence and mutual respect that deepens mutual relationship.

I’ve gained this way of thinking about “culture understanding” by doing design work in Vietnam for nearly 10 years.

Architectural design is closely related to culture. How to work well in foreign countries with different cultures is a big issue.

On the other hand, there are demands for Japanese-style things about design and technology.

It is a positive attitude to learn from Japan to develop the nation and improve the living environment.

Our job is to propose without hesitation the Japanese way of thinking which is our backbone, based on knowing the culture of Vietnam.

We would like to do such work that spreads small but visible ripples in a big lake where culture and culture are mixed.